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Editorial: We’re More than Halfway Done! Here’s how to Avoid Burnout

by: Bailey Weber

Photo Courtesy of Siora Photography on Unsplash

There is a little over a month until the last day of the semester, and it has flown by. Midterm exams are already behind us, as Midterm Elections approach. Fall Break is long gone and it’s almost time for our Thanksgiving Break. However, we still have a few weeks before then. 

Students are itching for their time off, and rightfully so. The semester has been rigorous and they have been working hard. But this does not come without some burnout. 

College students’ mental health is worsening, according to the American Psychological Association. 60% of students in the 2020-2021 school year had at least one mental health crisis. This can come from being too involved on campus, a difficult course load, or even missing home. 

Students can sense signs of burnout if they are feeling exhausted, having an increase of anxiety or irritability, or feeling less enthusiastic about school. If you begin to feel this way, it may be time to talk to someone or start using tricks to avoid burning out. 

A way to slow down disengagement is to learn how to say no, instead of taking on everything that is handed to you. It may feel like there is pressure to take charge of situations presented to you, but learning to say no will allow you to rest and take care of yourself first. 

Another way to avoid burnout is learning better time management skills. It is important to take breaks, avoid multitasking, and block out distractions. Your friends, phone, and show will be there once the assignment is completed. 

Making time for your hobbies and fun activities is one of the most important ways to avoid burnout. Attend events on campus, and check when they are by using Engage. I recommend Therapy Dog Tuesdays since it allows me to just relax and pet some pups! Join a club that interests you. Clubs on campus are always looking for more general members. Go to a sporting event to cheer and support your Bobcats. 

Getting away from your work and allowing yourself to decompress can help you recharge and feel less stressed about assignments. 

If you continue to feel overwhelmed, schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center. Talking to someone may help students relax and feel like they have a person on their side. 

Learn to just breathe. The semester is almost over. We can do this. 

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