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Adagio Health and Health Center Offer Free STI Testing

by: Julia Hills

Photo Courtesy of on Unsplash

On Oct. 26, Pitt-Greensburg along with Adagio Health ran a free, anonymous STI testing clinic at the health center. With STIs being a common concern on college campuses, this was an opportunity for many students who wouldn’t have access to testing otherwise.

Nurse Pamela Freger, Director of the Health Center, ran the clinic alongside staff from Adagio Health. Freger admitted that she was nervous that the response from students wouldn’t be as big as they hoped. She sent out emails, and hung fliers, but hadn’t received any response. The night before though, multiple students had sent emails asking to be given spots, and a ‘walk-ins welcome’ flier was hung outside of the door.

“We got all the slots filled and then some,” Freger said. “There were fifteen slots, but we managed to squeeze in nineteen students, with several asking when the next clinic would be.”

Adagio Health is a local sexual health resource students can seek out near campus. It is three minutes away by car. What is ideal about a free clinic on campus though, is that it eliminates the need to leave campus at all. Students don’t need to feel concerned about getting there, and it is the same treatment they would receive at the actual clinic.

“They took urine and lab specimens (blood tests),” Freger said, explaining what happened at the clinic. Freger also made sure to clarify that they had just as many male students as female. 

The next visit from the clinic is set to be Nov. 30. 

“Hopefully, there will be a similar response,” Freger said.

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