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People of Pitt-Greensburg: Lead Community Assistant, Breanna Tomsey

by: Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Breanna Tomsey

Breanna Tomsey is a junior at Pitt-Greensburg and the Lead Community Assistant (CA) of Westmoreland Hall. She is a public policy major with a minor in legal studies. Tomsey is also House Speaker for the Student Government Association on campus. She has been a CA since her sophomore year and was previously placed in Academic Village. This semester, she has taken her job a step further by becoming a Lead CA. Her duties as a Lead CA include helping create events on campus for halls and helping the Resident Directors with their responsibilities. 

Q: Why did you become a Community Assistant?

A: I became a CA because the CA I had when I first came here was very inspiring and she pushed me to take that step and put myself out there.

Q: How did you become a Lead CA?

A: Westmoreland Hall reached out to me over the summer because they saw my application for lead CA for Academic Village. I had to come a week earlier than the other CAs to meet with the staff.

Q: What is it like to shift from a regular CA to a Lead CA?

A: It’s definitely an adjustment, but it’s a good adjustment, and I feel that I have been handling it very well.

Q: What do you like most about being a CA at Westmoreland Hall?

A: I would have to say that I like that the duty desk and the lobby are all in the same area. I think that feels more welcoming.

Q: What are you most excited for next semester as a Lead CA?

A: I hope to see more coplanning between halls. I’m not sure how I will do that, but it’s something that I would like to see and I think that it will show interest between residents’ halls. 

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