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Advertising Prices 2020

1/4 Page [5″ x 6″]$200$195$190$185
1/8 Page [5″ x 3″]$150$145$140$135
1/16 Page [2.5″ x 3″]$125$120$115$110
Insert Card [4″ x 6.5″]$475$460$445$430
Insert Card [8.5″ x 11″]$500$485$470$455
Sticker (Customer Provided)$125$100$75$50

Policy and Conditions

The Insider reserves the right to reject, edit, classify, or index ads due to content. The Insider is not responsible for the insertion of an incorrect ad. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check the accuracy of each insertion.

All ads must be paid for in advance with cash or via PayPal.

Currently, in order to reduce our environmental impact, The Insider is only publishing print issues occasionally, and the majority of our content is hosted online only. Please contact us for details.

Contact:  attn: Madison Jarnot

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