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Career Closet is Open for Business

by: Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Susan Isola

Imagine a resource on campus where students can be loaned business attire for professional purposes. Now at Pitt-Greensburg, the Career Services department has created this type of resource for students and alumni. The Career Closet is available on campus for anyone who may need professional attire for interviews or any event that requires more formal wear. Marcy Yonkey, Assistant Director of Career Services, has been working hard for a couple of years to have this idea come to life.

Yonkey began to develop Career Closet more in depth when she got hired in spring of 2022. She worked alongside Kristen Stratton, Internship Coordinator, Dorothy Zillic, Director of Career Services, and the community YMCA in Greensburg to get clothing donations. They got numerous donations from faculty, staff, and went shopping at thrift stores. Yonkey made sure that the closet was inclusive for everyone and thinks this is another way to show what Career Services can provide for students.

“I love it, it’s another way to interface with students and alumni to make sure they’re career ready,” Yonkey said.

The Career Closet used to be known as the Career Library, but Yonkey thought that this is a better use for the space and is a great way to reach students’ capacities.

“I like what it stands for, the spirit of it is spot on. We recognize that students may not have the funds, so we can make sure they have what they need,” Yonkey said.

One of the main purposes of the Career Closet is loaning clothes to students, but Yonkey thinks it goes beyond just that. 

“I think it’s about bringing more people in with the Pitt community, it’s also connecting them back to Career Services,” Yonkey said.

Yonkey did a lot of research to make sure the details of the Career Closet came together cohesively and made sure that no student would feel excluded.

“I am very interested in gender equity and nothing is labeled, it’s important to not demarcate on gender and it’s all private when it comes to size and gender,” Yonkey said.

The Career Closet may be partnering up with the JCPenney Suit Up event sometime in the future as another way to get clothing donations and learn more about how to dress properly in a business setting. Yonkey wants to keep finding ways to get the word out there about this resource on campus.

“I am excited about the message that it has to students and alums. We are here to help you with your next step in your career,” Yonkey said.

For more information on how to get clothes from the Career Closet, email Marcy Yonkey at, or visit the information page.

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