New Stories

Campus Close-Up (Volume 13, Issue 4)

by Eleanor Withers

How was your “Self-Care Day” on Oct. 14?

“We went to Twin Lakes and had a picnic. It was just nice because the weather was really nice out there, and we could just get out there and spend some time with friends. … Although I had fun, it definitely didn’t feel like long enough. I was just thinking about the homework due that day or the day after. Even at the park, in the back of my head I was thinking, ‘I got homework to do, so this is gonna end soon.’” Grace O’Malley, sophomore Spanish major

Joyce and her roommates took a trip to Pittsburgh to show one of her roommates, who is from out-of-state, the city. “We went all around Pittsburgh. It was really nice to just get off campus and get some fresh air. … It was a really nice break, we all deserved it.” Joyce Lin, sophmore political science major and Academic Village CA

“It went pretty well. I relaxed all day. I had a chem test that was due that day, but that’s all I had. I did have a few professors not know about it until we mentioned it on the last class we had. I slept in a little bit, so yeah, I’d say [my mental health] improved.” Loryn Roadman, sophomore commuter and pre-med major

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