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Countdown to Doomsday (Clock)

by Kyle Harper

Everyone loves a good crossover episode. Whether it’s Sam and Dean from “Supernatural” teaming up with Mystery Inc. or Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron stopping some common foes, audiences love seeing their favorite characters share screen time together. The upcoming comic “Doomsday Clock” adds further to this crossover content.

Written by Geoff Johns, “Doomsday Clock” concludes the DC Universe’s multiversal story of the “New 52.” The comic series stretches over twelve different issues, and Amazon released the complete collection on Oct. 13.

The graphic novel currently sits at 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, and also became the number one best-selling book in Amazon’s “Literary Graphic Novels” category.

“Doomsday Clock” combines the universes of the Justice League with that of the Watchmen. While DC owns both of these, their universes have remained separate storylines until now.

This consists of popular superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman crossing paths with Watchmen members Rorschach, Ozymandias, and Doctor Manhattan.

With a conspiracy about the creation of superheroes gaining a lot of traction, countries and superheroes clash in both ideology and warfare. Members of the Justice League who were once considered heroes have now been shunned by the people who previously idolized them.

On top of this, the combination of heroes and villains from different universes leads to unlikely alliances, unique battles, and the growing potential of the multiverse ceasing to exist.

With all the mayhem ensuing, will the multiverse survive? Or will this officially be the countdown to doomsday? If you are a superhero fan and like to consider the “what ifs” of superhero lore, than this comic is definitely for you!

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