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There is an Impostor “Among Us”

by Bailey Weber

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Spaceships, relaxing tasks, pretty colors, and, oh yeah, murder; does that not sound like a great time? If it does, “Among Us” might be the perfect game to pick up.

“Among Us” is an online multiplayer game that originally released on June 15, 2018, but just recently hit the eye of the public. The video game has often been compared to the popular social game, “Mafia,” because of the similar rules.

Players can take on one of two roles: Crewmate or Impostor. Crewmates need to complete tasks, report bodies, and try to avoid being killed by the Impostor. The Impostor has to kill Crewmates, sabotage players, and try to remain undetected by the Crewmates.

Impostors have to fake tasks to remain under the radar. There are also vents scattered around the map, which only the Impostors can operate. Players can use these to travel to another room after making a kill.

Participants are required to discuss in a chat and decide who they believe the Impostor to be, and then vote them out of the game.  

Sometimes Imposters are caught in the act, so they must lie and blame another person before the guilt can be placed on them.

“Among Us” gained popularity in 2020 because well-known Twitch and YouTube streamers began to play it, including Pewdiepie, Sykkuno, CORPSEHusband, JackSepticEye, and many more.

The popularity of the game caused the media to begin creating memes, fanart, and TikToks about it. This allowed for people not in the gaming world to find out about the game and then play it themselves.

Assassination, arguments, and dishonesty — “Among Us,” is a game full of excitement and intensity.

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