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Editorial: We’re in the Home Stretch! Don’t Stop Now.

by Madison Jarnot

It’s crazy to type it out, but we’re over halfway done with the semester. I know, I know. I didn’t know time could pass so quickly either.

Spring enrollment starts next week, and Pitt-Greensburg released its first course schedule for the upcoming semester. Have you taken a look yet? (They even added an additional schedule so we can quickly find the way each class is being offered!)

Have you reached out to your advisors to schedule an appointment?

I know you’re busy, and you’re more than overwhelmed. I know that last Wednesday’s “self-care day” probably became a “catch-up-on-work-until-my-hands-fall-off day,” and you’re exhausted. But we’re so close!

Like I said last issue, we’ve all come so far this semester. Don’t stop now, even if it’s tough.

Your education is worth pulling through. You’re worth pulling through.

This issue, The Insider talked to Beth Tiedemann, the director of Academic Advising and our campus’s registrar, about what we should consider when planning for next semester.

She’s an expert, and I found her advice so helpful. You should give it a read after you check the course schedule and email your advisor.

We also talked to more students about their experiences with Flex@Pitt this issue, including a senior who offered some advice to freshmen. Their advice and insight is useful to all of us during this uncertain time.

We’d love to share your story, too. Don’t forget that you can always send us submissions about your experiences during COVID-19 here, or via email at

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1 Comment on Editorial: We’re in the Home Stretch! Don’t Stop Now.

  1. Lori Jakiela // October 20, 2020 at 12:14 pm // Reply

    Wonderful advice and another essential issue of The Insider. Thank you for your great work!


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