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What’s Quarantine Like? Residents Share Their Experience

by Bailey Weber

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As of Oct. 10, Pitt-Greensburg has had two positive cases of COVID-19. Throughout the course of contact tracing, some students on campus were put into quarantine.

According to the University’s COVID-19 Medical Response Office, students are placed in quarantine if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. Off-campus students quarantine in their place of residence, and residents are permitted to quarantine in their dorm or at their permanent residence.

Two residents from Westmoreland Hall that quarantined during this time had similar experiences.

Finn Caskey, a sophomore communications major, said the notice that they were put into quarantine felt like it came out of nowhere.

“The news came suddenly, and I found out through my roommates well before I was contacted by the University,” Caskey said.

Esther Camick, a sophomore anthropology and history dual major, said they were frustrated with the minimal updates they were given on their quarantine status as well.

“We had to go out of our way to call other students and staff to find out if they had any new information,” Camick said.

The students weren’t originally allowed out of quarantine until the original source’s test came back negative. However, Caskey was tested earlier that day, so his circumstances were different.

“[We were released] thanks to my random test result coming back negative and pestering the university for answers,” Caskey said.

Students like Caskey and Camick raised questions about how the University enacts their quarantine policy, as they both said they struggled to get definitive answers to their questions.

“We all were informing each other of what was going on, rather than the official people,” Camick said. “So that was really annoying that we kind of felt like we were being kept in the dark.”

Caskey and his roommates were third-generation contacts.

“The university doesn’t seem to know their own policy on dealing with an outbreak and, not only that, but there was so much backpedaling on deciding when we’d get out,” Caskey said.

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