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Getting Lit at the Bonfire

by Eleanor Withers

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S’mores, bops, and royalty! On Oct. 2 at the Blue and Gold Bonfire, students gathered around on Chambers Lawn to celebrate the end of homecoming week.

With COVID- 19, new safety procedures make social activity on campus difficult.  Students are required to wear masks and stay six-feet apart.  Due to these restrictions, the annual activities that unite the campus don’t look like they did in previous years.

Many events had to be greatly modified, switching from in-person to over Zoom or getting cancelled altogether. However, the bonfire allowed students to safely practice social distancing.

Students were able to socialize once again while still maintaining the safety procedures. With attendees masked and in their pods, the activities of the bonfire carried out as they normally would.

The Student Activities Board supplied snacks and s’mores kits, so all students, new or returning, had the opportunity to participate in the bonfire.

The bonfire was the final homecoming week event.  Throughout the week, activities like Instagram giveaways and comedy shows were offered to students, though they were strictly online. Camper Cupcakes and Craft Night were offered in-person earlier in the week.

The candidates for homecoming royalty, Abigail Albright, Lucas Ali, Alyson Bender, Brandon Cross, Matthew Grayo, Emily Halsted, Kyle Harper, Katherine Hope, Shaquoia McCray, Melissa Paravate, and Kathleen Price, were announced at the beginning of the week, and they campaigned in emails, posters, and flyers posted around campus.

Students across campus voted through an online form to decide which two students would be crowned homecoming royalty.

After the event started and everyone got comfortable, the members of the homecoming court were lined up in front of the bonfire with their escorts.

The two royal winners, Brandon Cross and Melissa Paravate, won the title and crown in front of the bonfire and crowd of masked peers.

The rest of the event was filled with laughter and music.  Since the school is operating mostly online, a night that brought back food, fun, and friends was a much needed experience for the Pitt-Greensburg community.

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