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Student Film “Lesbian Dracula Submarine” Comes to Pitt-Greensburg

by Miranda Smith

Pitt-Greensburg seniors Logan Tomko and Emily Buckel decided to write, direct, and film a movie during their last year on campus. The horror-comedy film, “Lesbian Dracula Submarine” (LDS), is the result of their creative work.  

LDS is a retelling of the original Dracula story with a twist. In this version, Dracula is a lesbian who lives on a submarine. The film features familiar faces that act in the plays on campus as well as a couple new faces who want to help Tomko and Buckel with their vision.  

Tomko, the director of Lesbian Dracula Submarine, said: “the movie is full of bumbling and silliness, but also touches on more serious themes including antisemitism, fascism, and issues facing the LGBT community.” 

Right now, around 40% of the film has been shot and almost 15% has been edited. Shooting takes place Friday through Sunday on the Pitt Greensburg and Seton Hill campuses. Tomko plans to be finished shooting by the end of March and focus more on the editing process.  

The goal is to have a finished product at the end of the semester for a campus screening.  

“If not, we [still] intend to show a rough cut so the people on campus who are excited about it can come and [watch it],” Tomko said.  

Overall, the filming has gone relatively well minus a few issues with scheduling. The cast and crew are comfortable and free to express themselves when needed.  

Tomko said: “they’re all incredibly talented and funny people who really put the work in.” 

It is clear to see that Tomko is proud of the work that he and others are doing to make Lesbian Dracula Submarine the best it can be.  

“I want everyone who [has] helped in this process to be able to look at it and be proud of [their] work,” Tomko said. 

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