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Read Your Heart Out: Book Recommendation– “Someday, Someday, Maybe”

by Kaylee Stinebiser

Author: Lauren Graham 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction 

340 pages 

“Someday, Someday, Maybe is a brilliant novel, and it’s even more impressive to me that it was actress Lauren Graham’s debut novel. 

There is so much of Lauren Graham’s personality infused in this book, yet it doesn’t feel autobiographical, as so many debut novels do; Franny feels like her own woman, an individual who doesn’t really know what she’s doing but is going to try to do it anyway. She shows amazing character development. She goes from being a historically self-critical person to a more confident actress and self-respecting woman. I felt so proud of Franny when I was putting my book back onto my shelf. 

The narration and dialogue are both hilarious and entertaining. You can read it in the fast-talking, Gilmore Girls-esque type of way, or not—either way, you’re going to find it hard to tuck in your bookmark at the end of a page, let alone the end of a chapter. 

Even the small, seemingly unimportant moments in this plot are turned into mini-lessons that Franny internalizes, and it’s done very well. Franny experiences a moment of self-reflection, contemplation, or epiphany at the end of almost every chapter, and her comments and reflections urge the reader to do the same. 

This book makes you think about yourself differently; it makes you value yourself more, and perhaps expect more from yourself. The big message: we beat ourselves up too much. We’re all doing great, we just can’t see our own value like others can. 

Everything in this novel is special and significant. Read it now. 

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