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Stream Your Heart Out: “Wild in Our Ways EP”

by Brianna Dettlinger

By: Friends at the Falls

Genre: Alternative/Rock

Tracks: “Stay All Night,” “Streetlight Kids,” “Graffiti”

Friends at the Falls released their EP “Wild in Our Ways” on November 2. Aside from various singles released throughout late 2018, this six-track EP is their newest release since their “We Are Friends” EP in 2016.

Birthed in Mahopac, New York, Friends at the Falls is a five-member band consisting of Jake Stam on vocals and rhythm guitar; Matt Montgomery on drums; Don Senese on the keys; Dan Walsh on bass; and Nick Gennusa on lead guitar. It might have been a hard pill for them to swallow, but they are indeed a boyband.

When asked about their influences, the band agrees on Bruce Springsteen and their all-time favorite artist, The Killers. On this specific record, though, Jake Stam credits Walk the Moon’s self-titled debut album, but later says that “[they] finally found Friends at the Falls [sound].”

“Stay All Night,” “Streetlight Kids,” and “Graffiti” were all singles sporadically introduced to listeners in July, August, and September respectively, but it was not surprising to see them on the EP.

One of my closest friends has described me as a music snob in the past, and because I welcome that title, I always listen to an album in order for the first time. I always assume that an artist meticulously put together a record, so the order matters to them.

Each song is laced with nostalgia-filled lyrics that come from the hearts of the band members.

“Stay All Night,” and its newly released acoustic version is a song I could listen to every day and never get tired of. It’s right up there with Chance the Rapper’s “Sunday Candy” and “Ocean” by The Front Bottoms. It’s beautifully written lyrics hit my soul in just the right places.

“Streetlight Kids” takes me back to when I had just graduated high school and met my best friend for the first time. The beginning of the song, with the harmonies, reminds me of The Lumineers’ song “Ho Hey.” The first time I listened to “Streetlight Kids,” I felt like I was back in Tennessee, living my best life with my favorite person.

It reminds me of just wanting to feel free and loved. The lonely days really are over, show yourself by rolling the windows down and listening to this song on full blast.

“Graffiti” snatched the favorite song spot from “Bright Eyes,” which comes from their debut EP. It is nostalgic all the way through. It is a beautifully-rehearsed spell of instruments. With the most magical bass line, Stam sings about both the rush of adoration and hurting. At the same time, my heart both breaks and grows three sizes.

All six songs on the EP are “synth-driven rock [songs] safe enough to show your mother, but just dangerous enough to go on a nice night drive [to],” Stam says, and I couldn’t agree more.

Alexa, play “Wild in Our Ways EP” by Friends at the Falls. 10/10, boys.

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