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Pitt-Greensburg’s Men’s Soccer End of the Season Recap

by Voshon Kendrick

Luke Brummett, of Pitt-Greensburg’s men’s soccer team, sat down with me for an interview on how the season went and how it ended.

The season was 16 games long, and at the end of it all the record for the season stood 3-12-1. Spanning two days shy of  two months, the season was filled with triumphs and its fair share of defeats.

“We started off the season really strong,” stated Brummett. “It was our first pre-season game against Penn State Greater Allegheny, and we killed them 4-0.”

Things started to go south at the team’s tournament, the Appalachian Showcase.

“At Muskingum [University], we lost 1-4, well 4-1 them,” Brummett explained.

However, the team turned things around in the latter half of the tournament and came back to win against Bluffton College, 1-0.

For the men’s soccer team the fall season was kicked off with a battle that ended in a stalemate, 0-0, against Washington & Jefferson College.

“That was a really hard-fought draw on both sides,” said Brummett.

After a tied opener to the season, a postponed game, and a loss to Thiel College, which Brummett stated, “shouldn’t have happened, but did,” the team was victorious against Saint Vincent College, and pulled a 1-0 triumph, winning the team the Westmoreland Cup.

The final victory of the season came on family weekend, against Hilbert College. It was the highest scoring game of the season for Pitt-Greensburg, 6-0. Carson Gilarno, number seven, shined brightly with an impressive four goals and one assist against Hilbert College.  

The season ended a bit sourly with an eight game losing streak after the win against Hilbert College.

A lot of the games lost, Brummett pointed out, were lost by small margins. He stated the losses were probably due to a lack of synergy on the team. Approximately 12 freshman were added to the men’s soccer team this season, and with a large collection of new faces, personalities, and skill sets, teams just need more time to adapt.

Brummett ended the interview with, “It takes some time [to build a good team] when you’re bringing so many new people in.” Moreover, he stated, “honestly, I would be surprised if the team doesn’t make it to the playoffs next year. The talent was there this year, it just wasn’t put to use.”

This year’s men’s soccer season is covered more in-depth at Pitt-Greensburg’s sports webpage, There is also information on past seasons as well, dating as far back as 2012.

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