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Stream Your Heart Out: “Experiment”

by Dylan Shaler

Credit to VEVO

By: Kane Brown

Genre: Country

Tracks: 13

Landing his first ever #1 all genre album on the Billboard Charts, as well as the first male country artist to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 with a sophomore release in 24 years, Kane Brown is setting the bar high for country music.

Brown’s second album, “Experiment” is a huge step from where he was four years ago when he was just posting cover songs on social media, when overnight one of his songs went viral.

“Experiment” is not your typical slow country music that your grandparents grew up listening to, I would define the genre as “Pop Country.”

Brown says that this album is definitely different than what is out right now, “For me I just love music, so that’s what I was trying to really get at with this album. Nothing sounds the same. Everything is in a completely different sonic direction from each other.”

The album contains 13 tracks which features his lead single “Lose it.” His other hit single “Homesick” was performed pregame live at the Steelers Veterans Day football game.

Brown explains that his fan base is not just country music, “A lot of people that only like country music, they’re not fans of mine. My fans love everything. You can find my fans at a Drake show; you’ll find my fans at Post Malone all the way to P!nk. They just love music in general.”

So if you are looking for a Country/Pop/R&B album this year, “Experiment” by Kane Brown should be on the top of your list.

“This album is really all over the place,” Brown said “It’s almost like an experiment of sorts. I’m trying to just listen to what country fans are leaning toward.”

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