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No More Bell

by Dylan Shaler

Steelers star Running Back, Le’veon Bell, has officially ended his 2018 football season. On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Bell was required to report to the Steelers headquarters by 4 p.m. All news media was on high alert until 4 p.m. came across and Bell never showed up.

With Bell being a no show this season, he turned down a five-year contract that was valued over $70 million.

There’s been a tweet that has been floating around social media this past week that Bell tweeted in Feb. 2013, “If youu could sit out a year of a sport youu play and your not injured or somethin else is preventing youu to play, then youu don’t love it!”

Steelers current running back, Pitt Alumni James Conner, has stepped up to the plate so far this season with better stats than Bell performed in the first half of the season last year.

So far this season, Conner averages 22.6 catches per game, 131.7 scrimmage yards per game, 5.8 yards per touch, and 9 touchdowns.

In 2017, Bell averaged 28.9 catches per game, 128.3 scrimmage yards per game, 4.4 yards per touch, and 4 touchdowns.

Conner was also awarded the AFC offensive player of the week so far this season in rewards to his hard work.

Fellow Steelers react to Bells absence this season by raiding his locker the days after his deadline and removed his name off of his locker and sorted out his many shoes that were left behind.

Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, reported that he texted Bell the day of the deadline. Ben texted Bell that he hoped he was going to show up and if he decided not to, he wished him nothing but the best. Coach, Mike Tomlin, was asked in a press conference, “What if Bell never walks in the Steelers’ facility again?”

“So be it,” Tomlin said.

The Steelers are currently the #1 team in the AFC North, so Bell being absent and currently not showing to be a major issue.

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