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Stream Your Heart Out: Deaf Out Loud

by Emily Buckel

Genre: Family, Reality

1 Season

(8 episodes, 30 minutes)

Deaf Out Loud is a new reality TV show presented by Born This Way. The show aired on September 12, 2018. The show revolves around three deaf families with various levels of hearing or lack of. The concept is monumental as the first of its kind, bringing representation to a large group of people who don’t typically sit in the spotlight.

This is a show that can be enjoyed by all audiences and can grow people’s interest in ASL, which is used extensively throughout. American Sign Language is making strides in American culture whether through coffee, TV, or schooling, and this show only adds to the growing interest.

Nothing says America like reality shows and having a reality show about a group of underrepresented people that fosters interest in their community is a great step in accepting ASL. Hopefully it will encourage people to make accommodations to account for the deaf community, whether it’s going through a drive through that’s ASL friendly, going to a movie theater with subtitles, or just seeing ASL on TV.

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