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Distinct Voices: New A Capella Club Comes to Pitt-Greensburg

by Voshon Kendrick

Singing without instrumental accompaniment is a technique called “A Cappella,” and Pitt-Greensburg’s newest club, Distinct Voices, definitely knows a thing or two about it.

The group, comprised of 12 singing members, was formed after two separate sessions of auditioning. The audition sessions were proctored by the Club’s founders/officers Alexander Mikita, Allison Brekosky, Joseph Fitz, Hayli Davis, and Cameron Collins.

While the club was officially formed in the latter half of September 2018, club representative Allison Brekosky stated in a group interview, “Cameron and I had the idea back in our freshman year, late 2016, early 2017.”  

Cameron Collins agreed.

“What makes [Distinct Voices] different from groups like Pitt-Greensburg Chorale and Chamber Singers is that it’s way more student centered and student run,” Collins said. “The students have a [larger] impact on the songs we sing and how we sing them. [Distinct Voices] will have a different repertoire and audience.”

Distinct Voices will be having its first performance soon.

Joseph Fitz stated, “[Distinct Voices] will be a part of the Voice & Piano Recital alongside the students of  Cynthia Ortiz and Matt Klumpp, and will be performing Silent Night.”

This production, taking place in the first half of December, will be the a cappella group’s debut, breakout performance. With an original arrangement of Silent Night by Fitz, the evening in question is sure to be anything but silent.

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