New Stories

“The Calm Before the Storm”

by Alexandra Seeberger

Everyday new video games come out, all unique in their own ways. In 2015 an indie game called “Life is Strange” came out, and it was a hit.

People fell in love with the beautiful graphics, great soundtrack, and amazing story.

Well the video game publisher “Square Enix” is bringing it back, to about three years before the first game took place.

The prequel “Life is Strange: Before the Storm” follows a major character from the first game, Chloe Price, an edgy teen with a rebellious streak as she navigates her relationships at home and at Black Well Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

The story seems to be centered around Chloe’s relationship with Rachel Amber, Amber is a popular girl who most would assume is the opposite of Chloe.

You hear Amber’s name a lot in the first game because, she is missing.

This prequel gives a lot of background to some of the major and minor characters in the first game. The game itself is narrative based, but that doesn’t mean the player doesn’t have control.

Each decision you make in the game has a consequence, some are more important than others. This game is broken up into three chapters.

Each chapter is released at a different time.

Chapter one is out now, Chapter two will be coming out in Late October/early November, and the third and final chapter is due to release somewhere around the new year.

This game is great for those who love a heavy story central game. It’s available on multiple gaming platforms such as PC, Xbox, and Play Station.

It is a very unique gaming experience and should be in every gamers collection.

Having only played the first and only available chapter, I’m eager for the next chapters and to see the development of the characters and their story

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