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by Alexandra Seeberger

Disjointed is a new comedy series available to stream on Netflix, with just 10 epsiodes around 30 minutes each.

It’s a good choice for a rainy binge watch kind of day.

The show stars award winning actress Kathy Bates who plays Ruth Whitefeather Feldman of Ruth’s Alternative Care, a marijuana dispensary in California that she runs with her son Travis (Aaron Moten).

Ruth is a marijuana activist who is determined to keep her business from going up in smoke, regardless of what some people say.

The show focuses on the dispensary alone, and its employees and customers. Some of the colorful employees include Pete (Dougie Baldwin) , the inhouse marijuana grower and lover that grew up in a cult. Jenny (Elizabeth Ho), a medical school dropout who has been lying about her career to her family.

Carter (Tone Bell) who is the security guard and an Iraq war vet with constant hallucinations and PTSD.

And Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer) who ran away from her small drug ridden town in Iowa. The group is constantly bonding and joking around, between helping customers and helping each other overcome personal obstacles, it’s a funny yet heartwarming show.

By the end of the season I was genuinely sad it was over. I grew to love the characters despite the show not being all that funny.

It is not an intellectual comedy, so if you’re looking for jokes that are less obvious and characters who aren’t high all the time, this might be the wrong show for you.

It has received many mixed reviews from the audience, one negative review on rotten tomatoes read “If the substance of Disjointed seems straight out of 1972, so does its structure.

It’s less a sitcom than a muddled series of stream-of-semi-consciousness sketches, punctuated by cut-ins of the clinic’s commercials.” but in my opinion Kathy Bates can do no wrong.

If I had to rate this show, I would give it a 3.5/5 stars

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