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“American Horror Story: Cult”

by Alexandra Seeberger

What is scarier than Donald J. Trump becoming president? Perhaps clowns getting busy in the produce section.

This month the Emmy award winning show “American Horror Story” returned to FX with its newest season “Cult.” While rumors had been swirling for months around the nature of the new season, all fans really knew was that it had something to do with the recent presidential election and clowns.

From there fans had been mostly in the dark until Sept 5.

We saw the pilot begin with clips from the 2016 election.

While I don’t want to give away too many spoilers from the first episode, I will give a brief rundown.

The season seems to be following two families. Ally (Sarah Paulson) and Ivy Richards (Alison Pill) and their young son Ozzy. The newly elected president upset Ally so deeply, many of the phobias she had thought she put behind her returned. She explains this to her psychiatrist Dr. Rudy Vincent played by Cheyenne Jackson.

The second family is Kai (Evan Peters) and Winter (Billie Lourd) Anderson, two siblings with a creepy bond. While no one has said they are brother and sister, since they share the same last name and don’t seem to be romantically involved, it would only make sense.

The pilot episode titled “Election Night” left the viewers confused. It is hard to tell whether Ally’s hallucinations of the clowns in the supermarket were just that, or more. Those same clowns appear later in the episode where Ally is not present, instead her son Ozzy sees them. If I had to guess, I would say those clowns Ally saw in the supermarket were no delusion.

Overall, the episode was good. Of course, we’ll have to see where the season goes, but it does look promising.

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