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Helping Disaster Victims

by Alexandra Seeberger

Since mid-August the news has been constantly covering the developments and devastation caused by hurricanes hitting the Gulf Coast of the United States.

First Harvey, then Irma, and now Jose. With the hurricanes all being extremely severe, it leaves many of us wondering what more we can do to help those in need? Of course, you can donate a couple of dollars to a relief fund at the Wal-Mart checkout, but what else is there?

There are many ways we on the Pitt Greensburg campus could contribute to helping people along the Gulf. One obvious way is donating money. There are plenty of organizations such as the American Red Cross, UNICEF, the Salvation Army, Direct Relief, Catholic Charities USA, Global Giving, Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA, and many others accept donations towards the overall damage, and housing/reuniting of displaced people and pets.

There are also places to donate to more personal causes. Go Fund Me is a company and website that lets people post their personal struggles, and allows others to donate straight to the source. This is a good option for those who don’t entirely trust major organizations.

Money isn’t the only thing you can donate. You can also donate food and other necessities. The campus could host a food drive and collect food, pillows, blankets, and clothes for the hurricane victims, and ship it straight to them.

Mission trips are also very popular, and something that could likely be arranged for students. Mission trips are groups of people who travel to the desecrated areas and volunteer at the shelters and to rebuild homes. This is a great option for people who love to help others and meet the people that they are helping.

Just because we aren’t on the scene doesn’t mean we can’t help. We should all do our part to make a difference.

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