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Student Spotlight: Fall Break

by Tori Phillips

What fun plans do you have for the upcoming three-day weekend?



Fall Arts trip to Boston, baby! I’m going to punch Tom Brady, and we’re going to go see the Boston Symphony Orchestra and three museum.”

Jason Anfang, Sophomore, Music Major



“I’m probably going to Berkley Springs and eating pumpkin everything.”

Hannah Leszzcynski, Junior, Psychology Major



Jonathan“I’m looking for wood working tools. I have a carving project in mind. I have a friend that is really into movie props, so I am going to take reference images I’ve found online as well as from various movies in order to hand carve some replica props. All I need to do now is locate some woodworking tools, and then I’ll be all set to whittle away the time over break.”

Jonathan Horanic, Education and Literature Major


Monday Shirt“I have to work all weekend, but Monday, I’m going to be hanging out with friends and seeing what they’re doing, maybe go out.”

Solomon Fundy, Senior, Information Science Major


Editor’s Note: All photos are courtesy of Tori Phillips for The Insider.

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