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Meet the Chief

by Thalia Speksnijder


Pitt-Greensburg’s new Chief of Police, Daniel P. Lynch. Thalia Speksnijder | The Insider

This year Pitt-Greensburg welcomes a new Chief of Police, Daniel P. Lynch.

He was Sergeant of Police at Pitt-Greensburg for one year before interviewing to become Chief. He looks forward to working a higher-up position on this campus and working alongside the other officers.

“Greensburg differs for the better,” he said. “The environment here is great.”

Before coming to the Pitt-Greensburg campus, Chief Lynch worked as a state trooper for twenty-three years, working jobs that have ranged from criminal investigations to arson investigations. Sixteen of those years were spent as a supervisor.

He also served in the Army and the Army National Guard. In addition, he has taught criminal justice at both the Community College of Allegheny County and the University of Phoenix.

Chief Lynch is an avid sports fan of both the Steelers and the Pirates. Furthermore, he is a fan of college football.

“I follow both Penn State and Pitt,” he said. “I graduated from both schools, getting my MPPM, Masters in Public Management, at the University of Pittsburgh.”

This left him a fan of both college football teams despite their rivalry.

He goes to the gym every day and goes on runs as well. Moreover, he loves spending time with his children and family. They own a riverfront property up north where he can enjoy the outdoors and relax.

“I want to ensure the safety of students and to serve,” he said. “And, I want students to know that we are always open and available whenever anyone needs help.”

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