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Missed Connections

Missed Connections

Give a special shout-out to that person who might not know you exist, or the one you hope to see again.

Volume 1, Issue 1 – October 2014

  • To the woman who loves taking creeper shots of me, wearing a dress shirt and tie, in the cafeteria: I would’ve smiled if you’d asked.
  • To the nice guy turned tool bag I thought I was “talking” to, what went wrong?
  • Girl with the complete tear in the seat of your pants, I watched you get your books to of your car and go to your next class. I could have stopped you. I’m sorry.
  • To that guy I text about class all the time, it’s not class I want to talk about. How much more obvious do I have to be?

Volume 1, Issue 2 – November 2014

  • Cute girl that was sitting in front of me, I wondered what you would look like bald.
  • To the guy who sat behind me at the red light, I waited through the green because you’re an ass.
  • Cute guy I held the door for in the library, I wish I could know you.
  • To everyone who doesn’t park in their assigned parking lots, it’s not that hard.

Volume 1, Issue 3 – November 2014

  • Girl in my class whose name I don’t know and I’ve never spoken to. I had a dream that you were crushed by an eighteen wheeler, and I found your body on the ocean shore. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.
  • Guy in my class who always spouts out the answer. Shut the hell up for once.
  • You two who are always arguing in class. Just make out already.

Volume 1, Issue 4 – December 2014

  • Hey, diddy1.diddy2. Thanks 😉
  • To the girl that seems to hate herself, stop. You’re amazing. Please love yourself as much as I love you.
  • Hey Teach I wasn’t really sick yesterday.
  • Hey Napoleon.
  • To this guy who had a mustache last month, why did you shave it off? Also, are you wearing underwear?
  • Guys in my building, your taste in music sucks. Turn it down.
  • To the obnoxious girl from psych, it’s not that hard to be on time.
  • Asshole, you owe me.
  • To the girl that calls herself a fuck up all the time, thanks for pulling this uptight girl out for a night.
  • All of the girls I’ve seen on campus, I’ve missed you.

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