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“You”: The Latest Whodunnit

by Suzie McCarthy

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Joe Goldberg is back and badder than ever in Netflix’s latest season of “You”. The show has remained dark and is keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The latest season continues following the sticky situations our favorite serial killer gets himself into. Except this time, the newest plot line follows Joe’s descent into complete madness.

A whole new cast of characters make their debut. A great many will end up dead.

Season 4 has viewers asking themselves “what comes next?”

The most interesting twist within this season is that the show has become a murder mystery. You may be shocked to find out who it is.

Joe has finally moved to a new city and moved on from Love Quinn and his dreaded past. Or has he? Some past characters might make it into the latest, thrilling season.

His crimes haunting him, people threatening him— what more is a poor killer to do?

His life seems to be looking up as he engages himself with an elite society of people. All is well until someone ends up dead.

Another serial killer has entered the battlegrounds and Joe must fight to stop them. Viewers are left guessing who kills who after each potential suspect is found dead.

Joe soon falls into past habits, romancing his way into a young victim’s life.

This fresh, new take has revitalized the show and made viewers feel the need to check back regularly. 

Watch Joe’s past get caught up with him.

Get caught up in the madness.

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