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Senior Spotlights: Emily Lohr and Bailey Weber                       

by Sophia Gatti

Photo Courtesy of Bailey Weber (left) and Emily Lohr (right)

The end of the semester has arrived, and there are Pitt-Greensburg seniors graduating and stepping out into the world to start their new journeys and adventures. These two seniors, Emily Lohr (Creative and Professional Writing and Communication double major) and Bailey Weber (Creative and Professional Writing Major/Psychology minor), are two of those seniors. These are their stories.

Q. What made you pick Pitt-Greensburg?

Weber: When I toured the campus, it must’ve been the perfect day. Everything sounded so amazing and it was a beautiful day outside. I also was very interested in the writing program.

Lohr: I picked Pitt-Greensburg because I first got my associates from Westmoreland County Community College. It was a very convenient distance from my home, so I could commute.

Q. What was your favorite part of Pitt-Greensburg? 

Weber: PITT FIGHT CLUB!! I loved Pitt Fight Club with my entire being.

Lohr: My favorite thing about Pitt-Greensburg is the community we have. Since it is a smaller population than main, students really get to know each other and the professors better.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory from here at Pitt-Greensburg? 

Weber: My favorite memory was Pitt Fight. That day was so hectic but the most amazing thing I’ve ever been involved with, raising $7,000  for St. Jude’s while watching wrestling was an amazing thing.

Lohr: I don’t know if I have one specific memory. Definitely some highlights were all the Showcase events each semester. It was so heartwarming to have all the writers show off their writing and the Comm students show off their digital work.

Q. What would be something you would want a student deciding to come to Pitt-Greensburg to know? 

Weber: Pitt-Greensburg has a very tight-knit community. You’ll see the same people every day, even if you don’t want to. It’s super small but so much fun!

Lohr: I would let someone coming to Pitt-Greensburg know to involve yourself as much as you can, even if it sounds intimidating. Especially if you’re a commuter. Join clubs and go to events. It gets less scary the more you attend.

What are you doing now that you are graduating? 

Weber: I am working as a vocational support specialist at Progress City. I help people with autism advocate for themselves and begin their journeys into competitive employment.

Lohr: I’m walking at Commencement, but I actually still have two summer classes to complete before I officially graduate.

Q. Do you have a professor who really made an impact on you while at Pitt-Greensburg?

Weber: Lori Jakiela was my mentor for most of my time at Pitt-Greensburg, especially during the pandemic. She was always so patient and kind with me. She wanted me to be my best person, and I think I became my best person because of her.

Lohr: Gosh, so many professors have positively impacted me here. I hate to single anyone out. But in regards to my writing journey, Jakiela and Newman were both so helpful for me. Jakiela actually was one of the people that influenced me to add the Writing portion of my degree, that’s how much I enjoyed her classes (when we returned after lockdown). I thank both of them for helping me become (hopefully) a better writer overall.

Congratulations to the whole class of 2023!

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