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Scheduling Tips For Students

by Caitlin Cruser

Photo Courtesy of Nick Morrison On Unsplash

Scheduling season is upon Pitt-Greensburg and anxiety is rising as students from all disciplines worry about completing their major on time.  

“I understand the struggle” says Beth Tiedemann, director of advising & registrar.  

Psychology classes are held for nursing majors who may or may not need them. Students attempting to take classes working towards a certificate in Children’s Literature may find that spots in that class are being held for education majors, whether those students intend to fill those spots or not. 

The obvious answer is one given by Tiedemann herself: “Put yourself on the waitlist.” 

“Every week after scheduling opens, we are checking to see if those students need those classes. If they don’t, we release them to the waiting list,” she says. 

This reservation for students, specifically nursing students, is because of their rigorous class schedule and strict guidelines on classes they must take.  

“It’s the only way we can guarantee they get into the classes that they need to take,” Tiedemann says. 

Tiedemann is aware that the system can be frustrating. She offers a few pieces of advice for students who are worried about completing their major on time due to scheduling conflicts: 

“Make sure you are in close and clear communication with your advisor,” she says. 

In their junior year, students are assigned to staff advisors, but the counseling center is still available to them, should they need it. 

“Another thing is to be sure you get a degree audit no later than first semester of senior year.” 

A degree audit, scheduled through Handshake, can help a student understand the classes they still need to take in order to complete their degree.  

“My philosophy,” says Tiedemann, “is it never hurts to ask,” 

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