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Nap Time Just Got Serious: Robertshaw Hall to Require Students to Take Multiple Naps a Week

by Caitlin Cruser

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Beginning April 1, residents of Robertshaw Hall will be required to nap from 2 p.m.-4 p.m. at least three times a week. This policy follows rowdy behavior from the residents, most of whom are freshmen. 

“I am personally really happy with this new policy,” Resident Director Kyle Harper says. “I think it’s going to make life in Robertshaw a lot more peaceful.”

The residents will be required to log their naps using a Google form. Community assistants from the building will then take turns making sure that each resident did indeed take a nap using a series of questions.

“We ask them things like ‘How’s Joe?’” Community Assistant Gabe Yeager says. “If they ask ‘Who is Joe?’ that’s a dead giveaway that they didn’t really take a nap.”

The leaders in Robertshaw hope that this policy will lead to a happier and healthier group of residents.

Harper then asked me to leave his office while pulling a pillow out from beneath his desk.

“I’m a huge believer in practicing what I preach!” Harper says. “Could you shut the door on your way out?” .

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