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Bruiser Passes the Baton: Beloved Campus Cat, Jimbo, to Replace Bruiser Statue 

by Caitlin Cruser

Photo Courtesy of Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Jimbo, a cat loved (and fed) by many resident students of Pitt-Greensburg, will finally get his recognition from the University when he replaces the bobcat statue on the first of April.

“Jimbo is definitely more representative of our students as a whole,” Assistant Director of Housing Brian Root, says. “He’s always around campus, eating snacks, and sleeping. Who could possibly better represent our student body?”

Originally belonging to a family living in the neighborhood behind Robertshaw hall, Jimbo has become a familiar face on campus.  

“Meow,” Jimbo said while modeling for his new statue. “Meow, meow meow.”

The plaque on the statue will read “Jimbo, a cat of the people. #h2pg.”

“We are excited about this change and hope it will help boost enrollment numbers!” Root says.

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