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Rodents on the Run?: Mice Roam Lynch Hall

by Florence Zhang

Photo Courtesy of Pitt-Greensburg

The faculty and staff of Lynch Hall were faced recently with the intrusion of mice. But this isn’t the first time the rodents have made an appearance. According to Dr. Robert Gregerson, current president of Pitt-Greensburg, the mice show up around this time every year. 

“Being an old building, there’s plenty of nooks and crannies for them to get in when it’s cold outside,” Dr. Gregerson says. 

Thankfully, this year the problem wasn’t too severe, and a simple solution was used.

“We had the facility people come in and set mouse traps. This year we caught two mice, and haven’t seen any more since,” Gregerson says. 

Dr. Gregerson remains lighthearted about the situation, and even played a prank on his fellow colleagues. 

“I scared my assistant, Jackie. It was mean, I had a stuffed rat that was about four or five inches long, and I set it on one of the mouse traps,” Gregerson says. “I heard her yell when she saw the fake rat.” 

Stuffed rodents are not new to Dr. Gregerson. Should he need a new supply, he has a neighbor who happens to collect taxidermied mice. 

“She has all these funny mice that are posed and everything. She has things like a nurse mouse and a doctor mouse, and that’s just her weird thing that she likes to collect,” he says.

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