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Musician to Musician, the Indie Music Rise-Up Edition: “Stitch Rox”

by Sophia Gatti

Photo Courtesy of Stitch Rox

Hello UPG community! I am Sophia Gatti. I am currently a student here at UPG, and I am a staff member here at The Insider. When I’m not in classes, I spend my time as a musician. My current project is “Carmela Donna.” I am a singer, songwriter, and I play the ukulele.

This new Musician to Musician (M2M) column is something I thought would catch the eyes of many of you. I will be discussing music with other indie artists and getting a deeper insight into their path to success in music.

For our second M2M, I got the opportunity to chat with Stitch Rox, an independent artist from Mississippi. Stitch Rox is 19 years old, and he makes Alternative/Punk Rock music. His passion for his music is undoubtedly strong, as he is constantly releasing new music very frequently. Stitch Rox can be found on all streaming platforms. Just on Spotify alone, he has 7,000 monthly listeners. His song, “Friends!” has over 30,000 plays just on Spotify alone.

I caught up with him to talk about his rise to fame, his inspirations, and his hopes and dreams for the future.

Stitch Rox:

“I have always loved music, but first started taking it seriously in December of 2021. Once I realized that thousands of people were enjoying my creation, it lit the creative spark inside of me even brighter! That was when I knew I wanted to be a musician.”

M2M: How long have you been involved with making music?

Stitch Rox:

“I’ve been making music since the summer of 2015, but professionally since December 2021.”

M2M: How would you describe your sound?

Stitch Rox: “I would describe my sound as having a very layered pop/punk vibe. However, I love to make different types of music, and I am constantly experimenting with new sounds.”

M2M: Where do you see/want your music headed next?

Stitch Rox: “I would love to see myself doing more shows across the US, bringing the genre of Hyperpop to more people! I would love to continue my experimenting with different sounds, until I find a sound that I am content with.”

M2M: What is your creative process?

Stitch Rox: “My creative process is more of a big freestyle session. To date I have never written a single song/verse of mine. I just say the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the instrumental, then I build off of that!”

M2M: What does it feel to look out at a crowd and see people singing your lyrics?

Stitch Rox: “The feeling of looking out into the crowd and hearing my music sung back to me is indescribable. Live shows are what every musician dreams of doing – and it lives up to the hype. Pure dopamine.”

M2M: What’s something you want people to know about your music?

Stitch Rox: “If there was anything I wanted people to know about my music – I give it my all. I don’t just throw something together, and shove it in people’s faces. I put massive amounts of time and thought into making sure that the music is just that. Music. I want everyone to enjoy what I make, not just have the satisfaction of saying I am a musician.”

Stitch Rox is only just beginning to endure this musical adventure of becoming a well rounded musician. He plans to keep making loads of music, and do a lot more shows. Keep an eye out for Stitch Rox, and give his music a listen, which is on all streaming platforms.

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