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Editorial: Enjoying Warmer Weather in Winter

by Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

As February has rolled round, it comes with a season that some people wish never existed, winter. I myself have found walking through cold wind chills and snow not the most fun thing to do in the world. But, it seems that this winter season, it’s been warmer than usual. It doesn’t feel like the winter that Punxsutawney Phil was predicting.  It feels like it’s spring already, which I’m not complaining about. 

As this wave of warmer weather has arisen, for myself personally, I have been in a better mood and I have more motivation in my system.I look forward to going outside and taking in what the campus looks like when it’s sunny outside. I feel excited to do assignments and go to class. I’ve noticed this with some other students on campus as I pass them by alongside my roommates telling me how much they’re enjoying the sunshine outside. With all this energy, it feels like I can take on the world. 

I’ve been adding some new activities to my daily routine to appreciate this weather while it lasts. I suggest that other students try some of these things out to see if it can bring any enjoyment during their day. 

Going for a walk outside has been something that I have been really enjoying as it gives me time to decompress and to take a look at what surrounds me. I like to listen to music so the only thing I’m focused on is what I can see. When it’s sunny out, the nature on campus is a breathtaking view. Bring a friend on a stroll so that they can also get a glimpse of the great view.

I used to not pay attention to the benches that were outside, but as this nice weather has been occurring, I enjoy sitting on them and looking at the leaves on the ground as I eat my lunch or drink my coffee. It’s a nice place to feel the breeze hit you and to get a whiff of the air.

Even though these activities are inside, they still are ways I think are great for enjoying the outside. I enjoy sitting in the Millstein Library and the coffeehouse on campus because both of these places have big windows that lead to the view. I sit and do homework as I know that I am in a good environment.

All of these activities have made my mind feel more at ease this semester as the winter season has been seemingly enjoyable so far. Take the time to go outside and soak up the warmness and sunshine while it’s still here. 

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