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Cats and Coffee! What could be better?: Katelynn Jones combines both in Greensburg

by Sophia Gatti

Photo Courtesy of Katelynn Jones (The Cat Cafe)

Katelynn Jones opened the Cat Cafe in November of 2019 in Greensburg. However, the rescuing of cats started in 2015.

“We wanted to create an environment where the cats would be comfortable to roam free and the public could go join them and enjoy with them easier,” said Jones.

It took Jones years of searching to eventually find the perfect location and then the cafe was born. Her love for coffee was strong, but her love for helping and loving cats was even stronger.

“I already had the rescue and wanted to facilitate more adoptions in a comfortable environment, and seeing other cafes in various parts of the world inspired me to bring one to our area,” said Jones.

All cats at the cafe have been rescued. These reduced cats live in rooms at the cafe perfectly accommodating for them to have human visitors.

“All of our cats come from our rescue partner “Wayward Whiskers Animal Rescue,” whose volunteers rescue the cats from the surrounding area,” said Jones.

Wayward Whiskers Animal Rescue is a no-kill rescue/non-profit located in Greensburg, and they are entirely made up of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of abused and abandoned animals.

“To adopt a cat at the cafe, you have to submit an application through our rescue partner, “Wayward Whiskers,” we don’t do same day adoptions. You can find the applications in person at the cat lounge desk inside the cafe, or on our website,” said Jones.

The rescue team at Wayward Whiskers handle all adoptions, and since it’s run entirely by volunteers, the adoption process takes a few weeks to be approved. It’s $100 for a fully vetted adult cat and $125 for a fully vetted kitten.

“It’s definitely a different working experience because you’re not just working with people but you’re also working with an animal rescue. It honestly doesn’t feel like a job at all, I always tell people its more like therapy than a job. We have so much fun working here, from coming up with new drinks, to hanging with the cats, it is never ending fun,” said current employee Halle Blaire.

The Cat Cafe not only prides themselves on taking care of all their furry friends, but they also have a lot of beverages that are must-tries on the menu.

“My favorite drink on the menu is the Purple Daze refresher. It’s a kiwi and dragon fruit butterfly tea with a splash of lemonade. It’s so good!” said Blaire.

Other highly recommended beveridges to try are the strawberry frozen energy drink and iced toasted almond mocha topped with sweet cream foam. The Cat Cafe also has some new featured drinks on the rise up.

“Starting March 1st, we will have a speciality flight and speciality drink menu for St. Patrick’s Day! My favorites are the Lucky Charm Frappe, or the Irish Cream Chai Latte,” said Blaire.

The Cat Cafe has much to offer, from their cat rooms, to their adoptions, to their yummy beverages. Stopping into to try a drink, or hang with the cats, is a great way to destress a busy, hectic week.

“We have a bit of something for everyone, even if you aren’t a cat lover. We have a full espresso bar, bubble tea, a boutique, and even crystal. We also have a thrift store inside, called “Thrifty Kitty,” that benefits our rescue partner. And if you don’t want to be around cats, that’s perfectly fine because the cafe and shops are completely separate from the cat lounges,” said Jones.

The Cat Cafe is located at 159 E Otterman Street, Greensburg, PA. There is much to check out at this cool, cute and furry cafe.

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