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What to Look Forward to at Up All Night

by: Imani West

Photo Courtesy of David von Diemar on Unsplash

Up All Night is Dec. 9 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. With this event being a Pitt-Greensburg tradition, it is something students look out for. Up All Night is a fun time at the end of the semester that brings everyone together and celebrates all of the students’ hard work. It’s going to be 90’s themed with a bunch of games and activities that include laser tag, spin art, glow mini golf, giant light bright, and more. 

Hayley Hayden, Assistant Director of the Academic Village and Student Involvement, was able to give more information and shared what is to be expected at this event. 

Q: What is Up All Night all about?

A: It’s a fun way to mark the end of the semester, relax, and make some memories with your peers! 

Q: What should students expect from this year’s Up All Night event? Anything new?

A: This year instead of the normal Chinese auction that takes place at the end of the event, and you must be present, we are going to just be auctioning large prizes every hour! So if you are only interested in the 10 p.m. prize, you can buy all your tickets there and wait for the drawing without needing to stay until 1 a.m. We realize not everyone’s a night owl.

Q: Will there be food available? 

A: Yes, chicken tenders, french fries, soft pretzels, buffalo chicken dip, fruit and veggies and more! 

Q: What role do you play in all of this? 

A: I am the advisor of the Student Activities Board (SAB), so I just do the behind the scenes stuff such as contracts, payments, ordering, etc. The SAB exec are the masterminds about what the event should look like. 

Q: Do you think an event like this separates us from other schools? Maybe even other Pitt campuses?

A: I think it does. Instead of my big event at the end of the year, we celebrate the end of each semester, which gives our fall graduates one last hurrah! 

Q: What kinds of prizes can people win at this event?

A: Maybe some air pods, maybe a switch….people will need to stop out for themselves and see!

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