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Stream Your Heart Out: “Disenchanted”

by: Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of IGN

Another Disney movie has a sequel. “Disenchanted” premiered on Nov. 18 as viewers get to see what Giselle and her family have been up to. It is a Disney+ original movie and can only be seen on this platform.

The story takes place 10 years after Giselle magically ended up in New York, but found her true love. Giselle and Robert, who are now married, and Robert’s daughter, Morgan end up moving to a new town with a newborn baby, Sofia. Life gets a little complicated for the family as Morgan has trouble adjusting to moving. Giselle tries to fix it by making their lives into a fairytale. But, as we all know, fairytales always have some kind of mischief. For that reason, trouble arises for this family.

I thought that this movie had some good parts to it. I enjoyed how the original cast was all in the movie because I thought that the actors in the first movie were great. The scenery in the movie was appealing to look at and the color aesthetic was fantastic.

My favorite part of the movie was seeing Maya Rudolph being added to the cast because her role was well done. The way she executed her lines was excellent and it made her character memorable.

However, I thought that the plot could use some fixing and it was a little boring, as well as the songs. This movie focused more on Morgan and her struggles with moving. But, I thought it was a predictable portion to this movie and thought it could have been written differently.

The choreography in the movie was good but the songs weren’t as catchy as they were in “Enchanted.” Some parts of the movie were hard to believe. When Giselle and her family travel into this “fairytale life,” I felt that there was not much of a build up as this is one of the main parts of the movie. I know this movie is fictional, but it was hard to imagine Giselle becoming an evil character as she does in the movie.

This movie was mediocre as far as Disney sequels, but isn’t the worst that I’ve seen. 

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