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People of Pitt-Greensburg: New Community Assistant

by: Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Reagan Koury

Reagan Koury is a senior at Pitt-Greensburg. They are a chemistry major with a mathematics minor. They are the president of La Femme, the marketing chair for Pitt Fight Club, and they are members of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and PAWS. Koury is a regional campus student representative for Pitt’s Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Concerns. In Koury’s free time, they enjoy music, painting, reading, and drinking coffee. Koury is also a student worker at Millstein Library. On top of what Koury is involved with on campus, they are taking on a new job, becoming a Community Assistant (CA). They were one of the new hires for the spring semester.

Q: How do you feel about becoming a CA?

A: I’m very excited! I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. I’m excited to meet and interact with new people. It’s definitely going to be a quick change of pace, but nothing I can’t handle.

Q: What made you want to become a CA?

A: I’ve lived on campus for my entire undergrad career and some of the CAs I’ve had told me I would make a great CA, so I looked into it and thought it was a very lovely way to get involved on campus, and help others get involved as well. I love helping others, and college is scary especially at first, and now since COVID ruined the educational experience it’s even scarier, so I thought it would be nice to be able to help others and be someone to lean on.

Q: What are your plans as a CA for next semester?

A: I plan to help, to the best of my abilities, my residents grow and become more comfortable with the campus and everything involved here. I also hope to create a community where everyone feels welcome, safe, and supported.

Q: What do you hope to get out of this experience?

A: I hope to gain more of a sense of community within the residence halls and gain skills related to communication and teamwork – as those are important life skills. Overall, I’m not necessarily doing this for myself, but for others.

Q: What are you most excited for as a new CA?

A: I think I’m most excited to help everyone and have more of an impact and larger role on campus. I have a cute idea for door decs. Marshall House, be prepared.

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