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The Laundry Chute Implements Service on Campus

by: Imani West

Photo Courtesy of Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The game room inside of Chambers Hall has a new addition that can be of use to everyone. There’s a laundry chute system in the form of lockers that students can use to not only get laundry done, but make money from. Troy Ross, Director of Housing and Residence Life, was able to give more insight as to how this came to be and how it works. You can also reference the email that was sent a while ago from Pitt-Greensburg Housing with details. 

This all began with the university going through a potential recontracting for a different laundry company, since they were in the works of trying to get a new one. Since the university ended up staying with the one they currently have, the company offered to give them this service that was completely free of charge and would basically run without the faculty’s help.

Ross said that “it was an offer they couldn’t refuse” and one that he saw as “a great opportunity and resource for students on campus.”

“This is supposed to be a convenience for the students,” Ross said. “If commuters don’t have time to do their laundry because of other responsibilities, then a student on or off campus can take the opportunity to do it for them and get paid to do it.” 

Ross often compared this to Uber, saying that, “when you pay for an Uber to come get you, you pay for the driver’s services and the company itself. With this, there is always a convenience fee.” 

 In the email, it says, “Leave it to The Laundry Chute to provide you with a faster, easier, cleaner, and more convenient experience for only $12/bag. Detergent is included and you’ll be provided with your very own TLC bag.”

For most apartment centers in the area students have to pay about $7 in total for washing and drying, the extra five paid at the school is that convenience fee that would be paid.

More details will be given soon as to the specifics for how this will all work.

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