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Mobile Market Helps Students in Need

by: Imani West

Photo Courtesy of Westmoreland Food Bank

The Mobile Market is a new program that has been brought to Pitt-Greensburg. The Westmoreland Food Bank has been implementing the market for years at other sites. Due to Pitt-Greensburg’s participation in their food drives and other volunteer events over the years, the Westmoreland Food Bank asked to set up one of their sites here. One of the goals of the Food Bank is to satisfy the need for food for college students and Al Thiel, Director of the Student Center and Student Involvement, said that he feels as though “this partnership is satisfying that need.” 

As of right now there are no set days and times for when they are coming. Thiel stated that there were talks about them coming the first Thursday of every month with them coming again on Dec. 8. 

The kinds of products that are going to be given from this program are all fresh produce. For example, apples, oranges, bananas, etc. The best part is that there is no cost to students to go up and get food. What still students will need is their ID showing that they are sixteen years of age or older since that is the age requirement to get food from the truck.

Thiel mentioned that he wished this had happened sooner. 

“I feel as though the basic necessities of college students in regards to housing and safety are covered, but we lack in the food aspect,” Thiel said. “Sure, you see people with their ID cards walking in the dining hall and using it and think, ‘Yeah, they’re definitely eating,’ but the reality is that that could be their only meal of the day So I think it’s really nice to have the Westmoreland Food Bank do this program with us so we can continue to improve our food coverage for our students.” 

In case you were not there for the first time the truck was here, be on the lookout on Dec. 8 for a giant green truck from 11-1 p.m. by Chambers Lawn. Thiel wants us to “take advantage of this service” and hopes that this becomes a convenience for everyone. 

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