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Pitt-Greensburg Bowling Team on the Hunt for New Players

by: Imani West

Photo Courtesy of Michelle McEwen on Unsplash

Pitt-Greensburg has a lot of opportunities that some of the student body does not know about. There are so many different clubs and organizations that everyone can get involved in to help balance out their other extracurriculars. In fact, Pitt-Greensburg’s bowling team sent out an email on Oct. 31 stating that they were in need of more players. If you were on the fence about joining and had some questions you needed answered before considering, then look no further. The bowling team’s coach, Amanda Cunningham, answered some questions that you or someone you know might have. 

Q: How did the bowling team come to be? 

A: The university  was looking to implement a Division III sport and decided on bowling.

Q: How often do you guys compete?

A: We compete on weekends, at least eight times per year. Bowling is one of the few sports that compete in both the fall and winter.

Q: When are practices?

A: Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Q: Would anyone trying out have to pay anything?

A: Nope. No costs are involved, unless someone wants to buy something specific. 

Q: Do you need to have prior bowling experience?

A: Not at all. We are here to help teach and mold anyone into a bowler if they’re willing to learn.

Q: Have you guys won any championships?

A: We have not. We are still a new sport, but we are still working towards winning a tournament. We have won matches against other schools and we take those wins into account when looking at the bigger picture and winning a whole event.

Here are the student athletes answers to some other questions based on their experiences on the team thus far:

Why did you join the bowling team?

“I joined the bowling team because growing up I went bowling every Saturday and I also come from a family who were in leagues. Bowling was a recreational activity that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, my high school did not have bowling as a sport, but when I heard that Pitt-Greensburg had a bowling team, I was super excited to join.” -MiKayla Lane

“I wanted to keep bowling past high school, I love bowling and the competition.” -Kayla Gaughan

“I joined the bowling team because in high school I transferred schools my sophomore year and doing so I quit playing basketball and volleyball. But something was still missing because I didn’t just play one sport throughout high school, so I picked up the bowling team due to my grandparents being bowlers, and they being my biggest supporters, I decided to do something for them. When I found out I was going to Pitt-Greensburg for softball and I heard that they were starting a bowling team, I thought it would be a great idea to join. I thought it would be an honor to bowl in college for my grandparents.” -Beatrice Cook

“ I joined because I love bowling… I love winning and bowling well as a team, and I thought collegiate bowling would be like that.” -Erica Moss

What are some good memories you have from being on the team so far?

“Some of my best memories and experiences with the bowling team so far are meeting new girls and making new friends. Also, not being the only girl on the team. In high school, there was only one girl bowler and that was me so having a team feels amazing. I also love that we go swimming when we’re out of town at hotels together. I just love the atmosphere we have together and just being able to feel like we have known each other for years.” -Beatrice Cook

“Traveling long distances with the team is a lot of fun. I love messing around in the van and talking with people. My favorite memory this season was rooming with Gia and Kayla and messing around all night together.” -Erica Moss

“Some good memories I have from being on the team are jamming out to music on the bus rides to competitions, making new friends, and accomplishing anything we put our minds to. For example, keeping up with Division 1 teams.” -MiKayla Lane

“ Team bus rides are always fun. Matches are exciting too. I love being able to compete and have fun with my teammates at matches.” -Kayla Gaughan

Why do you think more people should join the team?

“ I believe more people should join the bowling team because it is a sport that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the sport. It doesn’t matter how good or how bad you are, we all laugh together. We all have a good time together. No one is left out. I believe if you’re just looking for an activity to do and have fun, this is the sport to play. It doesn’t require much other effort and mental strain from other sports.” -Beatrice Cook

“It’s an easy way to meet new people and make new friends. And we only practice two days a week, so its low commitment if you’re a busy person.” -Kayla Gaughan

“More people should join the bowling team because bowling is not a sport that is super demanding and literally anyone can do it. Plus, our team is super nice, and we have lots of great memories together in the van. There are also some opportunities to go away for some weekends and stay at hotels, which is a bonus if you live in the dorms on campus. Bowling is both a competitive and fun sport to play.” -MiKayla Lane

“I think more people should join because we need them to. I want to be able to be competitive. But I think we’re a fun team who get to have a lot of fun together. And it’s not a hard sport, we’re willing to work with anyone.” -Erica Moss

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