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Side-by-Side: Do You Like Shamrock Shakes?

by Mariah Lampus and Madison Jarnot

In this issue, Mariah and Madison debate whether the iconic spring staple is delicious or disgusting.

Pro-Shamrock Shake: Green is for Glorious
by Mariah Lampus

Green-colored things are notoriously misjudged as disgusting or inedible, but the truth is some of the best tasting things are the color green. For example, avocados and pickles are some of the most popular fruits and are green. I personally also love green vegetables, but if you dislike broccoli or spinach I wouldn’t discredit this famous shake! 

The Shamrock Shake was created in 1967 in Connecticut to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Every year for the month of March, McDonald’s brings this mint-flavored shake back to help celebrate this popular holiday. Some may think of beer crawls or the popular parade when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, but I personally think of the Shamrock Shake for the fond, delicious memories it gives me this time of the year.

Not only does the shake celebrate a very popular spring holiday, but it also signals that spring is approaching. The creamy vanilla-mint shake gives nostalgic spring vibes in every sip and encourages me to look forward to the season. Spring is commonly associated with flowers, buds, new leaves on trees, and the revival of nature after a cold winter. 

For under $3, you can get your own mint-vanilla shake in a beautiful shade of green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and spring at your closest McDonald’s. I’ve already had two myself this month and will surely be purchasing at least one more before they leave for April. With each sip, I find myself eagerly awaiting spring. 

Anti-Shamrock Shake: Food Shouldn’t Be That Color
by Madison Jarnot

Listen, I don’t eat animal products in general, but if I did, a slime-colored milkshake would be the very last food I’d choose. 

I love mint. I love fancy drinks. I love sweet things. But even people who love Shamrock Shakes know their color is a little disturbing.

What else is the same color as Shamrock Shakes? Well, to name a few things: boogers, highlighters, paint, Shrek, and bugs. Yum.

There’s a reason Mr. Yuck is green.

It’s pretty hard to slurp down a mint-green milkshake without thinking of these things. I get intrusive thoughts of a McDonald’s employee blending grasshoppers or squeezing a light green paint pen into my food.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the color green more than most people. My hair’s green. I think mint green is a particularly flattering color, and it’s perfect for spring. But, when it comes to food, bright pastels just turn my stomach. I think anyone would admit that Shamrock Shakes don’t look particularly appetizing. 

Most mint ice creams and candies are white or cream-colored to solve this problem. My favorite ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy mint chocolate chip, is white with cookie chunks in it. It looks fluffy, soft, and delectable. Why won’t McDonald’s just remove the green food coloring from their Shamrock Shakes? It would make them look much more palatable and would probably be cheaper than using food dyes. 

I get the hype. Mint is delectable, and nothing’s better than celebrating the start of spring with a delicious shake. I can’t blame people for buying Shamrock Shakes, but I can’t stomach them. 

If McDonald’s ever makes a non-dairy shake that isn’t the color of Nickelodeon slime, let me know.

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