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Campus Close-Up: SGA’s New Big 3

by Bailey Weber

What do SGA’s ‘Big Three’ aim to accomplish in their new positions?

“I have four initial ideas that I will bring to SGA when I become President. The first idea has already been started, but I believe that it can be taken a little farther, and that is extending the dining hall hours for our athletes and late class personnel and getting every place within Chartwells opened back up. The second thing I would like to do is try and work out a deal with the library to stay open longer for people who do not have computers, and within that (assuming classes go in person soon), allow students to use the library at their convenience instead of using the hours we have now. The third thing I would like to do is find a way to update the washers and dryers within the Courts’ residential living area. We put a lot of our freshmen there, and I believe they need to be updated so that our freshmen can enjoy their first year of college and tell others what a great place we have here. Lastly, and probably the main reason I ran, was to try and get some more events going on around campus. I believe that if we can bring our students together, whether that is virtual or in person, we can start building relationships again, and give everyone a great four year experience here at Pitt-Greensburg. This university is a great place, and I cannot wait to do my part and represent the student population in the best way I can.”

SGA President Austyn Carson, junior criminal justice major


“What I hope to accomplish being SGA Senate President is to bridge the gap of communication between SGA and the rest of the student population more. I feel that sometimes students that aren’t in SGA don’t get help with … the issues that they want addressed. I think some of that is due to the fact that people feel that SGA is unapproachable, but I’m aiming to change that so people feel more comfortable coming to us for the issues that need addressed.”

Senate President Esther Camick, sophomore anthropology and history dual major


“This year in the House, I am hopeful that clubs will be able to hold more in-person events again. Because of that, my main goal for the year is to encourage more collaborations on events. Collaborations allow clubs not only to work together … towards one goal within an event, but also allow them to get their name out there to more students. From my personal experience, larger events hosted by multiple clubs tend to gain larger attendance. I want clubs to all feel like they have the opportunity to grow and become widely known on campus, and I believe this is one of the most effective ways to do so.”

Speaker of the House Melissa Crookston, junior history major

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