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Introducing Pitt-Greensburg’s New Film Club

by Bailey Weber

Photo via Engage.

Pitt-Greensburg announced on Jan. 19 that four new clubs were coming to campus. Over the next few weeks, The Insider will be speaking with the founders of these clubs to learn what their plans are for future events and what their clubs are all about.

Up first: the Film Club. This club was co-founded by junior history and accounting dual major Thomas Zezyus and sophomore history and political science dual major Brook Kovalcik.

“I was talking to one of my friends [Kovalcik] and we’re both pretty big film buffs, and we decided it would be a good idea to start a film club,” Zezyus said.

The club is already working to create film series focused on different genres of movies.

“We are already budgeted for a film series. We are going to do a series on Westerns,” Zezyus said. “We also have a pretty big list of movies and ideas that we can do for future events.”

The club is focused more on the love of film, and not the behind the scenes of how movies are made.

“We thought about adding in some film-making discussions and such. But when we first thought of the club, we wanted to show iconic movies and just movies in general. People came to us interested in learning about film-making, we turned them away because that is not what our club is focused on,” Zezyus said. “We do in the future want to provide something along the lines of that for them.”

The only requirement to join the club is to enjoy movies. Zezyus and Kovalcik want to show popular movies to students, and to allow them to learn to enjoy movies more.

Students interested in joining the Film Club can visit their page on Engage, and any additional questions can be emailed to Zezyus ( and Kovalcik (

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