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Side-by-Side: Which Headphones Are Better, Airpods or Beats?

by Miranda Smith and Alyssa Bewszka 

image via The Guardian

Miranda Smith and Alyssa Bewszka debate the better product for listening to music. 


AirPods will Forever be Superior 

By Miranda Smith 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll take Airpods over Beats any day of the week.  

Beats were the big thing on the market for a few years, but it’s 2020. We’ve got more options, which include Airpods (the superior option). It’s time to move on. Sorry, Dr. Dre.  

I recently got my Airpods, and I am in love. The sound quality is immaculate. Even when you turn the sound up, it doesn’t get grainy. 

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One thing that’s really cool is two or more sets of Airpods can be connected to a singular phone. If you and a friend want to listen to the same song, you don’t have to share headphones. Not only that, the volume on each set can be changed. You don’t have to listen to music at the same volume as your friend. It makes studying with friends a lot easier.  

Another thing I like about Airpods is the headphones themselves. Whenever you take one out of your ear, your music pauses itself until you put it back in. You can change the song simply by tapping twice on one Airpod 

These settings can be adjusted as well. You can make the left Airpod go back to the previous song and the right Airpod skip forward to the next song.  

The only downside to Airpods is they’re only compatible with iPhones. But maybe that’s some motivation to finally get rid of that old Android. 

Take my word for it and invest in a set of Airpods. They may be expensive, but you won’t regret it. 


Stick with the Childhood Favorite. 

By Alyssa Bewszka 

When I was younger, Beats headphones were very popular, and everyone wanted them. They were wired or wireless and produced such great sound, you could hear every part of the song you were listening to. 

You could get the studio-style headphones, the kind that you just put inside of your ear, or the kind that goes in your ear and wraps around the outer part as well. Now, they seem to be going out of style because of Apple Airpods.

Personally, I love my Beats headphones; I love the sound they produce, as well as the variety of colors that are available. 

Another great reason to love Beats, is that they will always stay in place. You could be running, jumping, or spinning around and these headphones will not fall off of or out of your ears. 

I once used my sibling’s Airpods, and all it took was for me to walk a short distance and they were falling out of my ears. I wore them to the gym, and when I was running on the treadmill, one of the Airpods fell out and I almost lost it in the treadmill.

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If I am paying $150 for two little earbuds, I don’t want to worry about them falling out of my ear and breaking. Beats headphones can get expensive as well, but at least I know that my money won’t be going to waste since they don’t fall off. 

Going back to the variety of colors, Beats come in rose gold, black, white, silver, red … the list goes on. Apple Airpods only come in white, which is boring. 

Beats headphones have also accommodated iPhone users by creating headphones with the correct headphone jack to fit the most recent iPhones, as well as creating their wired and in-ear headphones in multiple different colors. 

It is interesting to me that Apple owns Beats by Dr. Dre now and still can’t make the Airpods better. At least with the in-ear Beats headphones, they are reasonably priced at $100 if you get older ones and $200 for the newer ones that come with a wire to drape over your neck so you don’t lose them. 

Apple has come out with a new version of Airpods for $250 and only dropped the price of the first generation from $150 to $140. When a new generation of Beats comes out, the price gets reduced by at least $50 to $100. 

If you ask me, Beats by Dr. Dre are definitely the better investment. They are good quality and will last for years, like mine have. 


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