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Pitt-Greensburg Welcomes the Black Student Union

by Alicia Dorsett

It’s not every day that UPG gets a new club or organization on campus, although it can sometimes feel that way. This semester UPG welcomes the Black Student Union.

The BSU was created by students with the goal of unifying, educating, and supporting the Black student body.

“Myself and four other students saw a rise in diversity at Pitt Greensburg,” said Precious Jackson, BSU Vice President.

“We recognized all of our experiences at Pitt Greensburg could have been elevated in many ways had there been a BSU.”

The Black Student Union hopes to host one event per month that fall under general umbrella terms like politics, education, social movements, and Black culture. Look out for events in March and April.

So far, the BSU has 20 general members and a seven-part executive board which is advised by Troy Ross.

“The organization has been commonly spoken of amongst peers. The desire has always been there, but it took the confidence and drive to put BSU in motion,” said Jackson.

They sprang out of DSC and a panel they held in the Fall of 2019. It was here that the Black Student Body felt they had a place to speak and realized there was a desire for a space of their own. They hope to become established as a long-standing organization on campus.

“Pitt Greensburg is a world within another and the world becomes better with a constant positive change,” said Jackson.

“We want generations of people to come in and enjoy their college community, we cannot expect a better community each year with no change from the previous years. BSU may be specific to the Black student body, but a more inclusive community is a positive change for all.”

The Black Student Union meets Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. in Fireside Lounge.

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