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Locally Listed: Top Three Places to Buy Winter Clothes

by Kaylee Stinebiser

As soon as the temperature starts to consistently be lower than 60 degrees, I dig my scarves out from the back of my closet and start wearing one every day.

I look forward to sweater weather all year long, and October I convince myself that I need to buy more sweaters to pair with my always-growing scarf collection.

But how do I do that on a college student’s budget?

Here’s my list of the top three stores to go-to for sweaters, jeans, scarves, and all of your colder-weather clothing needs.

1) JCPenny

I’m JCPenny’s biggest fan.

I run to that store as soon as my newest set of coupons comes in the mail. But the best thing is that JCP always has great deals going on, so you’re saving money and getting great new clothes for even better prices.

Last week, they had a buy-one-get-two-free sale on boots.

Yes, you read that correctly: you got two free pairs of boots after buying one pair. They also let you mix and match from women’s, men’s, and kids’ sizes.

Also, if the store doesn’t have something in the color or size that you want, they’ll order it for you right at the checkout register and ship it to the store for you, free of charge.

You’re completely eliminating the risk of buying something online and having to pay to ship it back if it ends up not being what you wanted.

2) Plato’s Closet

It’s the store that pays you!

The best feeling is going into a store and buying lots of new stuff but still leaving with the same amount of money that you went in with.

Selling old clothes that you don’t wear anymore before you buy replacement sweaters, jeans, boots, etc. takes so much guilt away from the frequent-shopper.

And, by the way, they have a section for men’s clothes, too, which is a common misunderstanding; it’s not a store for just women’s clothing.

3) TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is known for its low prices on name-brand clothes, but like I said, I can only handle searching through racks of miscellaneous clothes for so long before I get too overwhelmed and end up leaving empty-handed. If you have more patience than I do, you’ll find some great clothes here, and your wallet will still thank you.

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