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Mario Kart Goes Mobile: Inside the New App

by Miranda Smith

Are you looking for a new game to play in between classes and homework?

Well, look no further because I gotcha covered. Mario Kart Tour is the perfect game for you.

Yes, you read that right. Mario Kart is available on the App Store for free (with in-app purchases.)

Unfortunately, it is only for Apple. Sorry, droid users. Maybe it’s finally time for that upgrade.

Be cautious when downloading. This is definitely the type of game you get addicted to. I speak from personal experience. I haven’t put my phone down since the app was released at the end of September.

All of the original characters race against each other. Currently, though, Luigi is missing, but he might be coming in a later update.

There is a variety of different carts and gliders that you race with, so challenge yourself and try to get them all.

Some of your favorite tracks from the Wii version transferred over as well. Rainbow Road, Mario Circuit, and Toad Circuit are a few of the endless tracks available.

The app is set up similar to Subway Surfers.

Every two weeks, the tour will update, and new races, characters, carts, and gliders will be available.

For each race, you want to aim to get all five stars. More stars mean more points, and more points mean more prizes.

Currently, there is not a multiplayer feature, but you can add people as your friends. The multiplayer version should be coming in a later update. A button is there for it, but it’s just not accessible at the moment.

Now that you’ve finished reading, download Mario Kart Tour right now and get started with your new favorite game addiction!

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