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Tensions Remain High in Hong Kong as Protests Against Extradition Law Continue

by Brad Thomas

Since early July, citizens of Hong Kong have conducted protests and riots within the boundaries of Hong Kong.

Protestors are fighting the new extradition law that was proposed by the People’s Republic of China. The law would allow China to extradite criminals from Hong Kong to the mainland.

As the protests continue, China is contemplating taking steps toward ending the demonstrations that have occurred in the Democratic Territory of Hong Kong.

The conflict has arisen between the police and the protesters during the demonstrations as the police try to keep order in the city. The protests have turned into riots at times, which have caused violent outbursts between the two participating parties. For this reason, the risk of injury for protestors is extremely high.

Advocacy Expert Sharon Hom told CECC members commented on the recent and ongoing incidents.

“In this historic battle, they are not only fighting for the democratic future of 7.4 million Hong Kong people, but they also holding the regional and global front line on preserving human dignity and rights for all people,” she told Holmes Chan of the Hong Kong Free Press.

Dr. Lipka Mazumdar, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Pitt-Greensburg, shares her views of the protests.

“Protestors are shot at using rubber bullets and tear gas, lots and lots of tear gas,” Dr. Mazumdar said. “The latest injury I read about was that an 18-year-old was shot point-blank using live ammunition. He did not die and is recuperating in a hospital after the injury.”

Dr. Mazumdar conducts the News of The World on every Thursday in the Coffee House from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

A young female protestor spoke to reporter Ramy Inocencio of CBS News.

“I feel angry at the government. We use Masks to protect ourselves. We don’t have any other method to protect ourselves,” she said.

To maintain control over the protesting masses, China has contemplated calling for a military crackdown on Hong Kong in response to the riots.

“The Chinese military has already set up along the border of the Hong Kong New Territories, which is a tiny strip of land on the mainland, by land and also by boat,” Dr. Mazumdar said. “There could be a possible blood bath if the Chinese military chooses to cross the borders into Hong Kong.”

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