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Stream Your Heart Out: “Good Girls”

by Chelle Jackson

When three best friends feel their lives spinning out of control, they do what any responsible group of adults would do, they rob a grocery store.

I mean, same.

They’re faced with impossible challenges—massive debt, a cheating husband, a dying child—and somehow still manage to get out of bed.

The ten-episode season revolves around three moms: Beth (Christina Hendricks), Annie (Mae Whitman), and Ruby (Retta). All three are hysterical and undeniably badass.

Beth is a loving mother of four kids, as well as a caring wife to her cheating, lying husband. She often takes charge, and initially is the voice of reason. That is, until she finds out that her husband was lying to her about the mortgage.

Annie is Beth’s reckless, stubborn, and often inappropriate little sister. More than that though, she is a wonderful mom to Sadie, her gender-norm-breaking daughter. When her ex, Sadie’s father, wants to fight for custody, Annie realizes her minimum-wage grocery-store-clerk job can’t afford a lawyer.

Ruby is the mother of a young girl whose kidney is failing. Ruby and her husband have worked endless hours to pay for treatment, but the medication that might actually save their little girl is still out of their price range.

The three women realize that playing fair has gotten them nowhere. They decide to rob a grocery store, hoping to get just enough money to cover Beth’s mortgage, Annie’s custody

lawyer, and Ruby’s daughter’s treatments. They wind up with a whole lot more than they bargained for.

They find themselves indebted to Rio, a surprisingly ambitious criminal. Their one time robbery turns into a highly illegal but potentially profitable business plan. At least until everything, as always, goes to hell.

The show does not shy away from difficult topics. It honestly and bluntly shows drug and alcohol addiction, sexual assault, race and class discrimination, and the struggles of being a woman.

While it has moments where the viewer could question the main characters’ decisions, the storyline follows well and is perfect for binge-watching.

This show is full of comedy and dramatic moments, but the ones that stand out most are when we see the three “bad moms” doing anything and everything to help their kids.

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